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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alice“Curioser, and Curioser!”“Life, what is it but a dream?”

Alice is the dreamer, the seeker of truth, and the manifestress of her own reality.  Despite feeling confused and out of control of her circumstances, Alice is the dreamer, and therefore, the creator, of everything in her Wonderland.

Alice has fallen into your rabbit hole to remind you that, despite the appearance of disorientation, confusion, and chaos, you are the main character in this theatrical production titled “Your Life.”  It may require many costume changes, size changes, and lots of supporting actors and actresses, but you are the dreamer, dreaming your dreams into reality.

Maybe the biggest mistake on the other side of the Looking Glass is that we have lost touch with the understanding that we are doing important work while we dream.  We have lost the value of our dreams, and, therefore, the value of that which we create.  We cannot create anything we have not conceived (mentally or otherwise), and we cannot conceive anything we have not yet dreamed.  When we act unconsciously, we have no control over that which we birth into this world.  The best way to control one’s own Wonderland is to be the creator of it, and one good way to do this, is to communicate with our dreams and give our imagination time to grow, and then to allow our dreams and imagination to develop and reflect that which we want.  Once we have a clear image of this through a developed relationship with our dreams and creative realms, we have a literal map of what we want to create in our reality.  Once we have this, we have the blueprint to start construction and make manifest, in the tangible world, that which we want.

Meditation #1:  Sit comfortably and ponder the following flow of words which represent the birthing of the unmanifest into the manifest, the creation of dreams into the tangible world, from nothing to zero, to one, to two, to three dimensions, and beyond, which loops back to itself like the auroborus: 
Breath (inhale & exhale)

Meditation #2:  Sit comfortably and allow yourself to close your eyes in a quiet and peaceful space. Allow yourself to ground (send roots into the ground or feel yourself as solid as a mountain, connecting with your contact to the ground as if you are one with the earth).  Call in a dream (this could be something you dream of making real in your life, or a dream you would like to understand better).  Go into your dream as a lucent participant.  If you would like to include a trusted witness who can help you deepen this experience, have him/her take notes on what you feel, see, experience or think.  Allow yourself to explore different imagery in the dream, and if it feels comfortable, you could imagine becoming different parts of the image and describe how you feel and what light you can shed on the big picture.  If you do not have someone helping as a scribe, it may be best to do several separate sessions, only going into one image at a time, then journaling afterward, so that the insights will not be forgotten.  A final image to consider is floating above the whole dream and seeing it from the perspective of an eagle soaring above.  How does seeing the whole picture at once, from a distance, feel?  Does it add a helpful understanding?  

If you are interested in doing deeper dream work, one simple practice is to take a moment before going to bed and connecting with your dream.  Ask for continued dreams and images to help you understand what is being communicated or created.  Ask that you remember these dreams and images, especially the most important elements.  Keep something to record your thoughts, dreams, and ideas by your bed, and as soon as you awake, allow yourself to do free-writing about any images you remember from the night before.  If you do not recall any images, allow mindless free-writing anyway.  Continue to do this practice until you have the insight or answers you seek.  Remember to look through your journaling, and pay attention to repeated imagery or imagery that might go together (say, a clock and issues with time, or a boat and water).  These are your clues to the insight you are requesting.  ***A great book to do further dream work with is The Art of Dreaming by Jill Mellick

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The White Rabbit: "Oh my ears and whiskers! How late it's getting!"

Have you been feeling even more rushed and out of time than usual? You are not alone! My goodness! I have been cultivating my relationship with Time, and despite all that connection, Time has simply left me in the dust and gone on some sort of super light-speed sprint to somewhere I can't even see way off in the distance!
Last month we talked about Time and getting to know him (or her, as I prefer) a little better. It does seem so worth it as it is a relationship that can either nourish us or it can bring about great amounts of stress and frustration. Never ever try to beat time, he/she does not respond well to that at all! Instead, really allow yourself to see it as something that, at the very least, has 3 dimensions like the rest of us. We tend to treat it and perceive it as simply linear (2-D), when, indeed, it is infinite and therefore much more vast and expansive than our minds can truly comprehend. BUT we can dance with it a bit more gracefully if we allow ourselves to start thinking about it, playing with it, and treating it with more respect and awareness. Because it is such an important element, and time has, once more, appeared to have sped up, I thought it would be good to continue on this theme by exploring how the White Rabbit wrestles with Time. Maybe we could learn something from him that can help us in our own busy lives.
Are YOU ready to play?
The White Rabbit
“Oh, my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!”

While the White Rabbit is constantly running around, frantically trying to get to the Queen of Hearts’ croquet party, Alice has all sorts of adventures, and she still makes it to the party without any trouble.  The White Rabbit doesn’t stop for one moment, and he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself very much either. For all of the hurrying he’s doing, he doesn’t seem to be accomplishing much.

How is it that time is infinite, and yet so limited for us?  Perhaps it is because we experience time, on this side of the looking glass, linearly.  We seem to have to move through it as if it had a beginning and an end, one moment in front of another, in front of another.  Maybe, too, this is why we rush through time so quickly.  We are trying to use up as much of it as possible, since it seems there is a shortage of it in our linear thinking.  It makes sense, then, if we treat time as though it is linear, with a beginning and an end, that rushing through it, will bring us, more quickly, to the end of our time.  That seems a bit counter-productive, wouldn’t you say? 

This attempt at trying to use up as much time as possible, curiously, is the same thing that makes it feel as though there is never enough of it.  Instead of trying to skip ahead in the time line to have enough of it, the key to finding the endless nature of time, just maybe, is to be as still as possible, experiencing time, not linearly, but as a vast, expansive and limitless moment without end. 

If you consciously invite time into your experience, and spend some time getting to know it, you might be able to have your way with it.  The act of meditation itself, especially at first, is an exercise in transmuting our experience of time.  How long 3 minutes can seem when all there is to do is breathe and sit, and let our thoughts go!  That is one purpose of meditation, to be able to experience the vastness of time.  If we had limitless time, we could achieve anything, and it is in the precious, undiluted moments of complete stillness that time stops and we become limitless.

Are you trying to cram too much into every moment?  Or, are you finding yourself trying to move through the moments of your life too quickly to get to the next?  If so, this card is telling you that it is essential for you to stop each day to just sit with time and get to know it, one-on-one, and create a personal relationship with it, so that you may be able to work with time to accomplish manifesting your dreams.  Time can be your greatest ally, if you’ve put the effort into getting to know how it operates. 

Meditation #1  Sit comfortably with a straight spine.  Allow your whole being to experience time, with no beginning and no end.  Imagine the costume, the imaginary persona we have placed on time, as limited and finite, coming off to reveal the pure, nakedness of time, which, without measure, becomes existence.  Allow yourself to continue to sink deeper and deeper into this experience, and allow yourself to become lost in this moment.  As you come back into this reality, make note of how much linear time has passed. 

Meditation #2  Sit comfortably with a straight spine, noticing the time before you close your eyes.  Just focus on the breath.  As a thought might come up to distract you, allow it to slip away.  If you notice that you’ve gotten caught up in a thought, gently return to the breath.  As soon as you have been able to really dwell with the breath, without any other thoughts, allow yourself to enjoy this space for as long as possible.  Before you open your eyes, make a guess at how long you were sitting and see how close it is to the actual time.

You can also see the White Rabbit as a catalyst or a gatekeeper into the otherworldly.  He is the first Wonderland creature Alice sees as she falls asleep and down the rabbit hole and into her dream journey.   This card may have appeared to let you know that you are not in an ordinary place in your life.  A new world of wonder may await you if you can only take the time to venture into its open door (or open hole as the case may be).

Meditation #3:  Sit comfortably, maybe with some soothing music and making sure you will not be disturbed, and allow yourself see a place in your mind that is in nature.  Allow yourself to connect with some sort of animal guide, and let him/her/it know that you are looking for passage into your own Wonderland, and allow the adventure to begin.  Notice how you pass into this place, and as you arrive, ask your guide to help you get where you need to go.  Do you encounter anyone or anything interesting along the way?  What is your destination?  What do you do in this place?  Do you have any special powers, abilities or insights while you are here?  Notice the weather, colors, sounds, and feelings as you visit.  When you are done exploring, let your animal guide know you would like to return back into the ordinary world, and take your journey back.  Do some journaling when you return and record everything you remember.  You can continue to connect with this Wonderland through your dreams, keeping a dream journal to write in when you wake up in the morning.

Strengths: Sensitivity, Energy, Motivation, Catalyst for Change.
Challenges: Impatience, Rushed actions, Lack of presence, Reacting to fear

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Queen Alice “ . . . to be a Queen! How grand it sounds!”

Are you ready for the transit of Venus across our Sun?

As we go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of awakening consciousness on the planet, we are finding and probably feeling, more and more, how the planets align like cosmic traffic signals and guide posts to support us on our journey beyond the old paradigms of human awareness. There has been much said about the meanings and prophecies of this most recent planetary dance of Venus across the face of the Sun, so I will not even pretend to add anything significant to that mix, but I did pick this week's card reading to add to the insights. My guess is that there is much to be gained on many levels by dropping in and allowing all that is available to us to simply sink in. Nothing to figure out, nowhere to get to. So, that only leaves ENJOYMENT! And I do hope you help yourself to a large serving of that! There's loads of it down the rabbit hole!

Alice bounds into the last square, throwing herself down to have a little rest, and immediately finds a golden crown upon her head. She does have to pass the final examination, but it’s gibberish, and before it’s all worked out, the Red and White Queen are calling her “your majesty.”

As the other queens nap, Alice takes a little walk only to find a doorway labeled “QUEEN ALICE.” Inside, Alice finds a feast, and guests, all celebrating Alice’s new advancement. It’s as if they were just waiting for her to show up. It’s as if all of this had been the plan from the start; becoming a queen, that is.

Even though Alice is surprised at her sudden rise to royalty, “I never expected I should be a Queen so soon--,” it’s important to recognize all that she has been through to get here.

First of all, she took that first courageous leap down the rabbit hole to begin with, she did a great deal of growing (and shrinking as well), had all sorts of encounters that, though they may have been disconcerting and disorienting, she came through no worse for the wear. She held her own with the blood-thirsty Queen of Hearts, engaged quite charmingly with a disappearing cat, swiftly escaped the dangers of the Large Puppy, rescued the Baby Pig from being butchered by the hot-tempered Cook, drew the line with the Mad Hatter and his crazy entourage at the tea party, and held her own quite impressively with the other multiple kings and queens with which she rendezvou’d.  Yes, Alice has most definitely earned this right, and it may well be that you, too have earned a promotion of sorts.

In a way, this royal reward has been here all along, just waiting for you to claim it. What it is, exactly, may be obvious, and if it is, then allow yourself to really enjoy it. Take a moment to look back at all that you’ve gone through to get here. Remember who you were before you jumped down the rabbit hole, and recognize the regal being you are now.

Meditation #1: With eyes closed, and letting the breath find a steady, natural rhythm, allow yourself to really drop in to the journey you’ve been on. See what you’ve learned, what you’ve accomplished, the challenges you’ve faced and overcome. And once you’ve taken the time to review your journey, look at where you are now. Take in all the rewards and resources that are available for you now that you have come to this place of completion. It doesn’t mean you’re done growing, and it doesn’t mean the adventures are finished, it’s just a mile-marker on the continual road of life, and it’s time to celebrate how far you’ve come. If you’d like, you can turn around and face forward to get a sense of where you might like to head next, now that you have the golden crown and a few new tools and talents to help you navigate the mysteries of Wonderland.

If your upgrade is not so apparent, then take a moment to check in and find what treasures are sitting in front of you. What celebratory feast is laid out just for you?

Meditation #2: In a quiet place, allow your breath to bring you into a sense of deep calm. Ask yourself what you hold within you that is worthy of being celebrated at this time. What challenges have you survived, and what skills and wisdom have you gained as a result of your successful navigation of the madness of Wonderland.  Remember that having challenges, and running into obstacles isn’t a sign of failure; it is only proof that you have been on the training course for something better. No muscle is developed, no talent fine-tuned, no wisdom gained without some sort of confrontation and work, and the more you face, the more you stand to gain, so take this moment to find the treasure that may have been hidden in all of those battles and barriers that are now behind you. Really allow yourself to revel in how far you’ve come.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time & The Mad Hatter “If you knew Time as well as I do . . . you wouldn’t talk about wasting it. It’s him.”

Has time been getting away from you? It certainly has been running circles around me! Even though I have a really great relationship with time, I still find that the way it moves and operates can elude me at times.

One thing that I like to do is remember that time is actually infinite, not linear. Just sitting with that reality and letting the human brain try to wrap around that can make a huge difference in how one works with time. It can be truly magical. I definitely know that not having a good relationship with time can be maddening!

Here's a little guidance from the Mad Hatter, who has a great deal to say about Time.

The Mad Hatter and Alice have a mind-twisting conversation about time at the tea party.  The Mad Hatter expresses his woes of being stuck at 6 o’clock eternally because of a falling out he had with Time.  He points out to Alice that she must not have a clue about Time because he says “If you knew Time as well as I do . . . you wouldn’t talk about wasting it. It’s him.” The fact that the Hatter is stuck at 6 o’clock indicates he, as well, understands his dear old friend, Time, very little.  It seems to be a construct in his mind that is fixed (of course, that's all time really is for us mortals). If he really had as good a relationship with Time as he says, he would know that he could do with “him” what he wanted instead of being trapped forever in a tea party.

We should give the Hatter a bit of a break, though because, after all, he is, well, mad.  His madness is mostly likely due to a combination of mercury poisoning (one of the hazards of the job of a hatter) and getting stuck in a rut with the constructs of time.  If our dear crazy Hatter had some grounding, he’d realize that Time was just fooling him, as it can and often does.  And he’d see that he is not stuck in anything but the present moment, with which he can do as he pleases. But since he doesn’t have his wits about him, he continues to play out eternal tea time.

Now, mercury, though it is a poison that can lead one a bit too deeply down the old psychological rabbit hole, is also a necessary part of an alchemical process in which gold is produced.  The Mad Hatter is a symbol of someone who has not particularly mastered the alchemical mysteries and is suffering as a result.  Had he his wits about him, he might be manifesting mountains of gold rather than dirty cups and saucers.

So, not only has the Hatter lost his relationship with Time, he’s also apparently lost his mind, and it doesn’t necessarily seem clear whether there is much of a difference between the two.  They both play on each other until there is nothing but nonsense.

Are you guilty of killing time?  If so, you've caused a great offense to him and there is no wonder you could use a bit of retuning and atoning.  It’s appropriate, now, to mend any differences you have with Time so that you can move on from your maddening tea party and get to something more enjoyable.

Take a moment to do this meditation and see if it doesn’t help mend any differences you may have had with Time and transform your poisons into gold.

Meditation #1:  Sit comfortably at a time when you can really relax and not worry about running off to something else.  Maybe just before bedtime, when all is settling down.  Notice what you have been expecting from time.  How much you try to cram in to every moment.  Really allow yourself to see time as something tangible and limited that you are forever packing more and more into.  See it expanding and about to pop.  Remember to take nice deep inhales, and as you exhale, imagine letting go of something that was once taking up valuable time.  Keep doing this visualization with every exhale until you are finally asking a reasonable amount from the time you have.  See it snapping back to a reasonable size and notice if your breath is any easier.

It is possible that the Mad Hatter has happened upon your tea party to make you mindful of any silly rut you might have gotten yourself into.  Are you finding yourself going around and around like an old broken record?  If so, take this opportunity to visualize your liberation.

Meditation #2: If you’re having a hard time moving beyond a certain experience, allow yourself some time to sit with eyes closed and to see where you are.  Imagine the stuck-ness as clearly as possible.  Now, visualize where you want to be.  What does it look like to be free of the round and round cycle?  What does it feel like?  Really allow yourself to get a strong sense of what it feels like to be out of the old never ending repetitions.  Now, imagine a bridge that connects the stuck place to the place of liberation.  In whatever way makes sense to you, see yourself getting up onto that bridge and crossing over.  Once you have left the rut you were in, take a deep inhale and drink in the feeling of freedom.  Look back at the old stuck place, and as you exhale, imagine blowing it far away and watch it go like a feather in the wind.  Continue to do this meditation until you are recognizing real-time pathways out of your rut.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Red Queen “Where do you come from? . . . And where are you going? Look up, speak nicely, and don’t twiddle your fingers all the time.”

How is May treating you? Are you taking time to listen to the songs of the birds? It seems like, no matter what the circumstances, allowing just a few moments to listen to birds in song (which is much easier this time of year wherever you are) can shift the mood significantly. I invite you to keep your ears open to that cheerful sound and when you find it, give yourself a moment or two just to focus on the sounds. To me, this is the sound of pure joy and a very nice, free dose of medicine no matter what the trouble may be.

Down the rabbit hole there are all sorts of birds. The wibbly worbler is my favorite, but very hard to spot. At night, it sings so sweetly one can hardly pay attention for more than just a brief moment before falling into a dreamy trance from it. Quite a nice way to drift off. 

Oh, but here comes the Red Queen. She does tend to chase off the birds, but I do suppose she has something important to tell us. Let's see what it might be . . .

From the moment she crosses her path, the Red Queen shoots a string of commands at Alice so fast she hardly has time to take them all in.  To top it off, some of the Red Queen’s maxims are sheer nonsense altogether.  Though the initial interaction seems a bit silly, harsh, and condescending, the advice is offered as genuine guidance for Alice. As the two continue to engage, it is obvious that the Red Queen’s intention is to help Alice become a queen herself. 

Despite the pushiness and the egotism, “I don’t know what you mean by your way . . . all the ways about here belong to me . . .” the Red Queen is a helpful ally for Alice, and is adept at this new and unfamiliar world that Alice is working so hard at navigating. In the company of the Red Queen, Alice finally makes it to the top of the hill she’d so desperately been trying to reach from the looking glass house, and the Red Queen shows her competence in being able to run incredibly fast without so much as breaking a sweat.  Yes, the Red Queen is an accomplished matriarch, though somewhat imperious. The Red Queen offers Alice the key information she needs to become a Queen herself, including the inspiration to become a queen in the first place.

The Red Queen has marched her way into your reading as a symbol of some sort of mentorship or help in becoming something amazing. There may be some old-fashioned values or hegemony involved, and you might not be in complete agreement with it all, but you are being offered an opportunity to learn something important. It might just be worth swallowing your pride and letting those tyrannical orders pass without letting them get you all out of sorts.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn just because the teacher might be dictatorial.  Take a moment to think what you stand to gain by submitting to this discipline before you pass it by.

When it comes right down to it, even though it can be a bit harrying, the Red Queen is really here to ask us to be mindful.  The coat of arms at Cawdor Castle in Scotland (the home of Macbeth) bears those sage words: Be Mindful, so there must be some sort of value in it, wouldn't you say?  

Alice still manages to voice her opinion and doesn’t lose a sense of self-worth in the process, which is important to remember as you proceed in your apprenticeship.  Arguing for the sake of it is a waste of time, but maintaining your personal beliefs and values as you grow is the way to become a master.  Your unique self is essential to this transformation, so hold onto it despite the challenges.  Simply allow in the underlying advice: stay present with what you do and how you move through the world.

Parents, teachers, and mentors all have beneficial information that we can learn from if we can only see through the challenging and sometimes downright tyrannical personality that is wrapped around it.  Don’t get caught up in a battle of egos or personalities.  Focus on receiving the gift inside, and toss out the extraneous which doesn’t serve you.

Meditation #1:  Settle into a comfortable seated position and breathe into your belly.  Allow an image of your inquiry to emerge and become clear.  See the player(s) who is/are bossing you around or acting tyrannical.  If you take away the harsh delivery method, and your emotional resistance to this iron-handed experience, can you find any valuable wisdom or opportunities?  Focus on what it is you want.  Don’t let the packaging it comes in dissuade you from receiving this powerful and helpful gift.  Imagine unwrapping the valuable education and experience, and let the delivery method that surrounds it go into the trash, like old wrapping paper. Imagine holding the important learning in your hands like a precious gift.  Take the gift with you somehow (absorb it, eat it, rub it on like lotion, put it in your pocket . . .).  Now look at the situation.  Does it feel easier to deal with?  Can you see any positive attributes to your circumstances now?  Staying focused on the valuable gifts being offered will make this discipline more palatable.

If the gift that awaits you isn’t worth the difficult packaging, then say so.  Your voice is valuable and you might make a positive impact on this situation.

Meditation #2:  Imagine yourself speaking clearly about what it is you want out of this mentoring relationship.  Without reactionary emotions, without defensiveness, and without judgmental language, make your case for what it is you would like to see happen.  What is your teacher offering you?  What value do you see in this learning opportunity?  Recognize the gifts along with the challenges, and you are more likely to be really heard. 

Maybe it is you who is being asked to be a guide for someone else.  In this case, pay attention to how you go about it.  Are you falling on old and outdated hegemonic methods because you feel a need to be revered?  Is ego getting in the way of really making an impact on someone’s life?  It is time to be real with what it is your intentions are: helping someone to learn and grow or to be admired and rewarded?  It is likely that, if you teach from a place of openness and compassion, the admiration and reward will naturally follow.  Coercion and hierarchical homage yield temporary and inauthentic  merit.

Meditation #3:  Sit comfortably and focus on the breath.  Once this feels natural, allow yourself to feel into what it is you want as a mentor.  It’s okay to be honest, even if the answer isn’t completely laudable.  If you find yourself needing an ego boost, see if you can offer that to yourself instead of relying on external sources.  Take a moment to give yourself recognition for what you are offering.  How does that feel?  Is that enough?  What other rewards are possible if you let go of the need to be exalted?  What are the benefits of holding onto titles and formalities?  What is best left behind?  Is there a fear that you will be taken for granted if you don’t force your sense of superiority?  Can you feel into the difference between respect and fearful obedience?  Which has more value to you?  When you have looked at these elements and made your decisions, take a moment to imagine how you truly want to mentor.  Take your time until you can clearly see it in your mind.  Continue to hold that image and revisit it throughout the mentoring process.  Notice if it has an impact on your experience.  Journaling might be helpful during this time.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Fawn: “I’m a Fawn!”

Oh me oh my! How is it possible that I've gone 2 weeks without a new post? My dear!I do apologize! I've been pulled down the most delightful of rabbit holes! The black tailed fawn came for a little snuggle and a reminder that there is so much movement going on right now!

It can easily trigger parts of the human body to feel stressed or even in a state of panic, but the black tailed fawn said to just relax and let things shift quickly. It doesn't require that we do anything but allow it to flow and change as it will. It reminds me of when I was in that pool of tears! My goodness, it was hard to remember to not splash around so, but graceful relaxing movements kept me afloat until I was able to make it to shore and have that lovely Caucus Race with all those soggy creatures. Anyway, it's good to let the rains of the season remind us to flow like water, without effort. Let the rapid growth and shifts happen, and instead of feeling pressured into unnecessary action, allow ourselves to witness the sprouts and blooms that are coming out everywhere. We just may find ourselves across the chess-board and receiving our crown before we know it.

Hopefully this week's reading will help with some of that:

The Fawn
“I’m a Fawn!”

Alice wanders into the forest where things have no name.  As she enters the shady coolness of the trees, she promptly forgets the name of everything around her, including herself.  Disconcerted, she meets up with a sweet and gentle fawn, and in their quest to remember who they are, have a brief moment of tender touch and connection, however, as they leave the forest and come into the light of the meadow, the Fawn, suddenly remembering its identity, bounds off in fear of the human child it had been speaking sweetly with just a moment earlier.  Of course, nothing had changed except for the memory of identity, yet the Fawn shifted from calm and quiet to frantic without the presence of mind to realize it had been perfectly happy and safe in the company of Alice just moments before.

The Fawn is here to ask you to look at something you have labeled, and what your fixed concepts may be about a certain person, relationship or circumstance in your life.  Fixed ideas are only helpful for temporary experiences, such as what road markers and stop signs are for and such, but in the long run, fixed concepts don’t really keep up with the constant changes and subtle shifts the world we live in and the world of the Looking Glass conjure up every millisecond, and therefore, leave us at a loss for experiencing what is real in this moment.

We spend the first part of our lives learning the names of things and how they work, and then we usually move into deeper understanding of philosophies and concepts and such, but has it ever occurred to you that something you may have set down a construct for a while back could be totally different now?  Think, for instance, of the concept of a telephone.  In a relatively short time, we have gone from a large fixed box sending out scratchy sounds through the help of a telephone operator to tiny gadgets barely large enough to really keep our hands on, and it is very possible that very soon, the telephone may, itself, be an obsolete item.  Think, as well, of you, for instance.  Who you were and what you wanted as a 5 year old, a 10 year old, or who you were just a year ago?  We are constantly learning and changing, and so are all of the people and systems around us.  If we don’t allow our fixed concepts to loosen up a little and allow for growth, it will be difficult to really see and experience life and those around us for who and what they are in the now.

Take this moment to think about what might need a mental make-over.  If there is something troubling you, ask yourself what fixed ideas you can let go of around the subject . . . Maybe even allow the possibility of letting go of the idea that there is any trouble at all.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Cheshire Cat:“The Cat only grinned . . .” “Well! I’ve often seen a cat without a grin,” thought Alice; “but a grin without a cat! It’s the most curious thing I ever saw in all my life!”

Have you, too, been in the midst of some SERIOUS rebirthing? Does it feel like you are sprouting and bursting out of old shells like the fresh buds of Spring? It can be amazing, and it can also knock your socks right off. The good news is, that, without those socks you can stick your feet in the dirt and get connected and grounded and absorb some of the sweetness of Pachamama to help you grow tall without being uprooted.

Yes, it's time for growth, so loosen up those neckties and belts and get ready for some big changes. Ah, here's the Cheshire Cat . . .  let's see what wisdom he's got in store for us.

The Cheshire Cat has pounced into your life to remind you that being able to step outside your own land of wonder may just be the cause of great contentment.  The Cheshire Cat is one of the only creatures in Wonderland who smiles, and seemingly constantly at that.  In fact, even while his visible existence fades from Alice’s world, his smile remains as a reminder, (and an incentive), that you are not defined and contained by your current, external circumstances.  Being able to step outside of them on a regular basis will help you to gain deeper clarity and a better perspective in regards to your current life events, as if perched up high in a tree.  In fact, going to a very high place that allows for a slightly removed perspective is a good idea, or, taking a break from a very intense situation, either challenging or joyous, might be a good idea at this time.  Almost any great artist will agree that stepping back from one’s work, physically and energetically, will allow for a deeper understanding of one’s process and product.  Looking at your life circumstances as your most current and important piece of art, allow yourself to step away from it and look in as if you are a visitor passing by.

The Cheshire Cat also acts as a gatekeeper, though in Wonderland, the passage through is only into madness: “we’re all mad here.  I’m mad.  You’re mad.”  And in such times, when everything has gone mad, then you are free to step outside the normal responses you might have to a situation.

Take this opportunity to do a head stand (when everything is upside down, it’s truly the best way to gain proper perspective)

You are being invited to take a break to gain insight on your current life circumstances; take the shaman’s path of walking between the world of dreams and the world of physicality, keeping your feet grounded and your mind elevated.  Allow yourself to be in a place of detached observation, and allow yourself to smile into that which you observe, regardless of the circumstances.

For the rest of the insights from The Cheshire Cat, please visit my website. The Cheshire Cat is there with some nice hot tea and biscuits! Give him a little scratch under the chin for me, will you?